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Sprout Events designs virtual events for community focused organisations.

We work with community managers to create virtual events where people build strong connections and rapidly learn.

How we help you

Unfortunately, most conferences are a monumental waste of time.

Conference lectures are grossly ineffective as learning experiences. Conference “networking” is little more than meeting random people (that you rarely hear from again) and fencing with business cards. And organising actual conferences (presenters / content / venue / audience / travel / scheduling / catering / marketing / documenting / administrating, and more) is not only a mountain of headaches, it’s woefully expensive.

(Not even to mention the effects of a certain pandemic on conferences today.)

And so, your next step is to go online and organise a virtual conference! But that doesn’t solve your problems, because all you’ve done is introduce technology into the mix. And an old format in a new medium just creates more problems, because anything you do that’s mediocre is impossible to hide online.

Weak presenter? Even weaker from behind a screen. Dull lecture content? Even duller when viewed on a laptop. And networking?

Don’t even go there.

But that’s just it: There’s a better way to do online conferences, one that solves all of these issues. And what is it? The answer is: change the format with a little expert help.

We Have a Better Way

Our expertise at Sprout Events is all about tailoring your virtual conference to a precise format that will work for your specific audience, and then helping to facilitate that conference so it runs in the smoothest manner possible.

Furthermore, our approach is all about flexibility. We can simply advise and coach you on your virtual conference journey, or we can take the reins and manage the process with a comprehensive virtual conference solution. It’s up to you.

The thing is, we were doing virtual conferences before they were sexy. We know how to create true audience engagement, facilitate better interactions, and foster meaningful learning experiences that last well beyond the conference itself.

We can even get your online networking right. (Hint: It’s called making an online community around your event.)

Sounding good yet?

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We’d love to discuss your upcoming conference with you. We’ll help you design a fully customised virtual conference strategy, and then run that conference event with you, so that you have all the support you need to produce an effective, memorable, meaningful online event.


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